About Camiguin

The name Camiguin is from the word “kamagong”, a tree of the ebony family.CamiguinIslandhas seven volcanoes and is said to be “Born of Fire”. Because of it’s volcanic history Camiguin has undeveloped black sand beaches with swaying coconuts. Off-shore there are enchanting black coral reefs for diving enthusiasts.

As you tour around the island you will encounter many hot and cold springs. Camiguin culture is very colorful and creative. There is virtually no crime on Camiguin, it is very safe. Many Camiguingnons speak good English. They are friendly, fun-loving and hospitable. Visitors are mostly greeted with ‘hi friend’ and a big smile.

Come and get entranced by the natural beauty of Camiguin as you trek the volcanoes, explore trails by bike or on foot, dive with the varied marine life and corals, delight at the majestic waterfalls,  or simply take in the panorama of a glorious sunset. Your guide Renato is dedicated to giving every guest a wonderful Camiguin Tour, providing quality advice and assistance. You can feel secure that his main objective is to provide a quality tour tailored to your individual needs. He will do everything in his power to make sure that your tour is full of enjoyment and wonder. He wants to stretch your imagination to new heights.

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