Ferry to Camiguin – from Cagayan De Oro (over land) to Balingoan pier

If you wish to see a lot of scenery on Mindanao then this is a good option. It is safe and can be fun if you like a bit of adventure. You can catch a taxi at Cagayan De Oro airport direct to Balingoan pier. I takes about 1 and half hours and the the fare is around 1000 pesos. Or you can take a taxi or van from the airport to Agora Bus Terminal in Cagayan De Oro, the fare is around 200 pesos. Then you can catch a bus or hire van (with or without air conditioning) to Balingoan. It takes about 2 hours and buses depart about every hour or so. The fare depends on the type of bus- starting at 50 pesos.
The ferry from Balingoan to Benoni on Camiguin takes about one hour depending on weather conditions. If the sea is very rough the ferry will be cancelled (that does not happen very often).  The fare is 100 -150 pesos. The schedule below is the official times, but ferries can depart at different times depending on situations.

Benoni (Camiguin) to Balingoan (Mindanao)

4.30am 5.00am 5.30am 6.15am 7.00am 8.15am 8.45am 9.30am
10.15am 11.00am 11.30am 12.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.45pm


Balingoan (Mindanao) to Benoni (Camiguin)

5.45am 6.45am 7.15am 8.00am 8.30am 9.00am 9.45am 10.15am
12.00pm 12.30pm 1.15pm 2.15pm 2.50pm 3.30pm 4.45pm

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  1. Michelle says:

    Good Day!

    How much will it cost if I take my rental car on the ferry from Balingoan Port to Benoni Port?

    Please Advise!


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